TronHero – A Decentralized & Secured Smart Contract Fund Platform


TronHero is a Tron blockchain-based decentralized and secured smart contract fund. The platform provides a transparent and fair source code for all its participants. However, the source code cannot be modified.
Moreover, TronHero provides unstoppable smart contracts that run forever on the Tron blockchain. Instant withdrawal is also possible. However, users can withdraw their profits at any time.
TronHero is fully decentralized and autonomous. The platform is based on the fund support of the community. Every member of the community will invest and help each other. The main key of the platform is reinvesting and referring.
On investing, users can get a 25% per day ROI forever. Moreover, the minimum investment is 100TRX. The platform is suitable for hourly and also daily compounding. Furthermore, fees applied only when an investment is made, marketing 4%, development 2%, operation 2%.
At TronHero users have a unique referral program and managed through TronHero smart contract. This allows users to gain rewards in 3 levels of referrals. The referral rewards distributed to users’ balance automatically and users can withdraw at any time.

  • 1st level referral reward – 10%
  • 2nd level referral reward – 5%
  • 3rd level referral reward – 3%

Nevertheless, TronHero is the same as Tronchain. The only difference is Tronchain gives only 210% profit. This takes a whole year to happen. However, TronHero is doing the same within 4 days. Further, there are many upcoming projects which will help TronHero to grow faster.

Beware of scam projects

Many scam projects created similar to TronHero projects. So, the TronHero team advice all the crypto users to stay vigilant from all the ongoing scams. And also protect all your crypto assets from losing by investing in fake projects.

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